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Pardon Our Dust: Construction Updates



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Brian Gilroy



Landscape Renderings October 19, 2018

Conference Center December 17, 2018

Shower/Locker Room January 2, 2019



We are excited to begin the next component of the Kaiser Center Lobby Renovation Project­—a new building entrance with adjacent landscaping that will provide an elevated arrival experience befitting of the midcentury Oakland icon.

The new, widened entrance will better connect users to Lake Merritt visually through enhanced sight lines from the lobby to the park. In addition, new pedestrian paving, café-styled seating, benching, and planters extend the lobby outside, allowing visitors and tenants alike to lounge and socialize in sunny areas while taking in views of the lake. A dedicated space for food trucks will contribute to the palpable buzz and community experience unique to Uptown Oakland.

The result is an inviting entry way that aligns with our tenant’s needs and better connects them to Lake Merritt and downtown Oakland.

In Case of Emergencies, Please Contact Security at 510-271-6131.

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