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Landscape Renderings October 19, 2018

Conference Center December 17, 2018

Shower/Locker Room January 2, 2019



We are excited to announce the Lobby Renovation Project at Kaiser Center—an undertaking that transforms our current lobby into an open, inviting, and refreshed entrance to the building for our tenants.
In place of the existing columns, soffits, and escalator is a new double-height lobby, achieving a bright and accessible central space. The design will feature timeless materials and finishes that are a nod to the mid-century Kaiser Tower.
A two-story travertine wall and terrazzo staircase that curves the west end of the lobby provides clear wayfinding between floors, and expands the views of Lake Merritt—allowing for a greater visual connection between tenants and the natural outdoors. Tenants on the ground floor can enjoy the view of the lake and adjacent park as they connect and converse from the lobby’s contemporary seating arrangements.
The result is a dynamic, fresh entrance that continues to position Kaiser Center as one of Oakland’s leading office buildings.


Demo Activites:

  • Assemble Scaffold in Atrium to Access Ceilings
  • Removal of Wall and Ceilling Finishes on 1st and 2nd Floors

Lobby Construction Activities:

  • Modify/Install new HVAC and Electrical Systems
  • Install New Fire Sprinkler System
  • Frame Ceilings

New Lobby Stair Construction:

  • New Stair Foundation
  • Install Structural Steel Supports

Elevator Bank Remodels:

  • Demo Existing Finishes
  • Framing, Electrical and HVAC Modifications
  • Install New Finishes

In Case of Emergencies, Please Contact Security at 510-271-6131.

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