The Kaiser Center | Oakland
2nd Floor High-Rise Elevator Bank Closure

Please be advised that starting Saturday, February 3rd, the 1st floor Mi-Rise elevator bank will be reopened with new finishes.

The next phase of construction will begin during that same time by closing the 2nd floor High-Rise elevator bank.

Please review the directions below to access the 2nd floor and High-Rise floors. The bank will re-open late-March 2018 with new updated finishes.

  • Tenants Entering form the 2nd Floor Pedestrian Bridge accessing 18th - 28th Floors:
    • Please enter either the Low-Rise or Mid-Rise elevator banks and take the elevator down to the 1st Floor
    • You will then need to cross over to the High-Rise elevator bank on the 1st Floor and take the elevator to your destination.
  • Tenants Entering from the West (20th Street Exit), East (21st Street Exit) or North corridor on the 1st Floor:
    • To access the 2nd floor, please use either the Low-Rise or Mid-Rise elevator bank.
    • To access the 18th – 28th floors, please use the High-Rise elevator bank.
  • High-Rise Tenants (18th -28th Floors) Descending to the Garage:
    • Please take the High-Rise elevators to the 1st Floor
    • Transfer to either the Low-Rise or Mid-Rise elevator bank and take the elevator up to the 2nd floor.
    • You may also leave the building on the 1st floor through the North exit and use the crosswalk to access the garage.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your cooperation as we progress with the lobby and elevator projects.

If you have any questions, please contact the management office.